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November 21, 2008
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Deleted Scene Z n E StoryBD by ThaL-DAWB Deleted Scene Z n E StoryBD by ThaL-DAWB
*click on 'Download' to view.

i think i spent most of my time, of all things creating the storyboard, limiting myself with just using photoshop cs4 and quicktime pro

this scene was scrapped and was origianally supposed to be the last fight after the battle with the ninja henchmen. they're now fighting an ubber ninja atop a roof of a large castle. zoza prodomenatley fights solo leaving evel watching in this one.

my pops and i both thought that this one was okay. more like eeeeh. we felt that the whole fight in general needed more sword clashing. zoza is powerful but in this one he disposes the ninja way too

...while evel drinks sake' in the sidelines... i dunno.

what do you guys think? let me know so i can be at rest lol


*click on 'Download' to view. made the file an MPEG-4 for viewing in both Itunes and Quicktime. so keep the file. mess with it if you like, i trust ya'll lol

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The animation is freaking awesome
Dajs Dec 25, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
adding more sword swings might make the battle more challenging, the harder the challenge is, the more rewarding is the final BAKAZABOOOM move in the end, and it will look more impressive all together .

Keep it up Dawb
Bluesigma Nov 22, 2008  Student Artist
your the man,
lol "logo"
I want to see more of it now since that was just a deleted scene. You mess with my brain.... *goes off to watch the last episode of Gurren Lagaan again*
awesome. you have indeed one-upped. ooooooh it's on. lol nah, this is out of it. so fast paced it makes me jealous. soooooooooo jellin'. can't wait to see the fin product. hopefully my animations will get as good as this.
lol i was watching a ton of gurren lagann episodes when i did this but i would like to differ and say that i hope my animations are as good as yours. its all about consistency and patience and i can't rush doing both when animating. -shakes head- i almost lost sense of time while doing this but HELL - it was fun lol
heck yeah, it's fun as heck. i really do wanna see your animation. so i'll keep a look out for a finished one. GL was one of the craziest i've seen since FLCL. it made me cry like a jerk. you better post more, dude. lol
Ceepheii Nov 22, 2008  Student Digital Artist
this style, effect, and presentation are all awesome. I still have to understand how to do animation in photoshop C: I wanna do something sorta like this this.
this is most inspirational. :+fav:
thankx :wave:

i originally thought of doing these scenes using a lot of 'still images' for times sakes but over time I got carried away lol

your artwork is great already. its just planning how to incorporate scenes in your head to paper/photoshop. i had the gurren lagann series playing a lot in the background for motivations sake. I shouldv known better but I used this approach because, well, i didn't have toon boom yet. I drew the individual frames in photoshop and copy-pasted, copy-pasted and copy-pasted all the layers to quicktime. i don't do this for story-boarding anymore but when I plan on action scenes, i do this method.

lol do what works for you
Ceepheii Nov 26, 2008  Student Digital Artist
thanks alot, this helps, I dont know how to animate in photoshop but theres probably some tutorials out there.
I gather what little information I can to make my own path.
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